Safety tips when waiting for an emergency towing service

When your car accidentally breaks down in the middle of nowhere or at night, you call for an emergency towing service. While having a roadside assistance plan is crucial, you need to ensure that you are safe as you wait for the towing service. Some tips to stay safe as you wait for an emergency towing service include: Hazard lights If your car breaks down in the middle of the road, the first thing you should do is turn on the hazard lights. [Read More]

Towing Services: Comparing the Truck Options

If you require towing services for your vehicle, there are different factors that you must evaluate before official hire. This will help you ensure that your automobile is safely and efficiently moved to your property or the garage. One of the essential considerations is the type of towing truck utilised in moving your car. This choice will determine the cost of the service and even the risk of your vehicle sustaining damage during the haulage process. [Read More]

What You Should Know about Your Roadside Insurance and Calling a Tow Truck

When you need to call a tow truck, you probably go straight to your roadside assistance insurance and have them handle everything. The shock may come when you get an actual bill for that assistance. You can prepare for this in the future, by knowing a few key points about your roadside assistance insurance and what calling a tow truck will mean for you and your bank account. Mileage Limitations [Read More]

Towing Safety: Tips on How to Prevent Trailer Sway

Whether you are towing your trailer off-road or on a highway, trailer swaying or fishtailing can be frightening, not to mention dangerous. Once a trailer begins to sway precariously from side to side, it can fall and bring your vehicle down with it. Observe these measures to avoid this dangerous situation and eliminate the anxiety created by the thought of losing control of your vehicle due to trailer sway. Avoid overloading your trailer [Read More]