Towing Services: Comparing the Truck Options

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If you require towing services for your vehicle, there are different factors that you must evaluate before official hire. This will help you ensure that your automobile is safely and efficiently moved to your property or the garage. One of the essential considerations is the type of towing truck utilised in moving your car. This choice will determine the cost of the service and even the risk of your vehicle sustaining damage during the haulage process. Here is a short comparison of the primary towing truck options for your damaged vehicle. Flatbed Towing Truck The flatbed towing truck is the most secure option for transporting your vehicle. In simple terms, this haulage configuration will cause minimal damage to the auto body. As implied, this truck consists of a flat surface on which the vehicle can be positioned and carried. Typically, the bed is lowered to the ground level using hydraulic systems. The damaged vehicle can then be driven or pulled onto the tow truck for easy transportation. This method can be utilised on most automobiles, including SUVs, sports cars and other medium and light duty vehicles. The only drawback of choosing the flatbed is the relatively high service cost. Hook and Chain Truck The most inexpensive towing vehicle to consider is the hook and chain truck. As suggested by the name, this is a truck with a hook and chain module to support the pertinent damaged car. Basically, the hook is attached to the front end of the car. When secured, the chain connecting the hook to the tow truck hoists the car such that only the rear wheels remain on the ground. The vehicle is pulled like this to the desired location. This towing method is no longer considered favourable because it poses significant risk to the vehicle. The hook will stress the front parts of the vehicle and the painted surfaces will most likely sustain scratches as the vehicle is dragged. Still, most towing services have this type of truck, so you should consider this method if the car is already severely damaged. Wheel Lift Towing Vehicle The wheel lift truck provides a good balance between safety and the service costs. This type of towing vehicle is made with the same concept as the hook and chain alternative. However, the wheel lift has a yoke which is fitted around the front or rear of the vehicle. The yoke cradles the wheels and hoists the vehicle, leaving two wheels on the ground. Consequently, the structural strain and subsequent damage is minimised.  For more information, contact local professionals like United Tilt Tray...

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What You Should Know about Your Roadside Insurance and Calling a Tow Truck

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When you need to call a tow truck, you probably go straight to your roadside assistance insurance and have them handle everything. The shock may come when you get an actual bill for that assistance. You can prepare for this in the future, by knowing a few key points about your roadside assistance insurance and what calling a tow truck will mean for you and your bank account. Mileage Limitations The first thing to know is that most roadside assistance services for tow trucks tend to have a mileage limitation of some kind. This means that the first certain amount of miles are covered by your insurance, and beyond that mileage point you will have to pay out of pocket. This may not be a bad thing if your car breaks down in the city or in a heavy metro area. However, if you are out in a rural area and it breaks down, you could be looking at a hefty fee. Also, your insurance will not know how much the pay per mile fee is for the two truck. You will have to contact the tow truck company to find out. So, if your roadside insurance calls the tow truck for you, you could end up with a higher mileage rate depending on who they choose. Certificate Limitations One of the things to consider with your roadside assistance insurance is the certificate they use. What this means is that they may only cover tow trucks that carry their certification seal. If the truck is not part of their network, then they may only cover a portion or nothing at all. This is a vital consideration if you are in a rural area where tow trucks are limited and certifications may not be as easy to come by. When you settle on your roadside assistance option, check for tow trucks in your area that actually are part of their certification network. If there are not many or any, you may want to reconsider. Additional Limitations There are some additional limitations that may come with your roadside assistance insurance which may limit the types of tow truck companies you can use. For example, there may be a fee for loading your vehicle onto the truck. Depending on the company, this fee may be free if a certain amount of miles are paid for, or it may be a sizeable amount. You also have fees that include tows over a hundred miles or tows that are outside of normal operating limits. Also, if you have to ride in the tow truck to the garage, you may have even more fees for passenger inclusions. Also, consider if the tow truck company has its own garage. If not, you may have an additional fee from the garage for car storage if they are closed. All of these topics should be considered when you purchase roadside assistance insurance for your tow truck...

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Towing Safety: Tips on How to Prevent Trailer Sway

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Whether you are towing your trailer off-road or on a highway, trailer swaying or fishtailing can be frightening, not to mention dangerous. Once a trailer begins to sway precariously from side to side, it can fall and bring your vehicle down with it. Observe these measures to avoid this dangerous situation and eliminate the anxiety created by the thought of losing control of your vehicle due to trailer sway. Avoid overloading your trailer An overloaded trailer is one of the common causes of accidents that result from trailer sway. Excessive trailer weight can cause sagging of the rear bumper of the tow vehicle, bringing it closer to the ground as compared to the front bumper. The extra rear weight can cause loss of traction at the rear wheels causing the trailer to sway. Avoid loading the trailer beyond its prescribed weight capacity and that of the towing vehicle, tongue, and passengers. However, if you have to, you can buy a high-quality adjustable air suspension. You can inflate the air springs to enable the vehicle to accommodate heavy loads Balance weight correctly Having an imbalanced load on a trailer can cause it to tip to one side and bring your car down with it. In fact, unbalanced trailers usually sway dramatically and end up in a fall. Follow these tips when loading your trailer to avoid balance problems. •    Balance the load in the center of the trailer. •    Place heavy items on the floor over the axle. •    Tie loads securely using tie down straps to prevent shifting. Practice proper driving habits Poor driving habits such as sudden braking, over speeding, failing to stop or slow down when changing lanes and making sharp turns can cause a trailer to sway. Also, small box and utility trailers can easily get swayed when driving on a windy day. Practice proper driving habits when towing your trailer, and pay attention to rough and weathered roads and bumps that can cause your trailer to lose stability What to do if your trailer sways Sometimes, you may follow all the safety measures and still experience trailer swaying. What do you do to prevent toppling? Here are some tips: •    Start slowing down and apply the trailer brakes gradually. However, don’t slam the brakes. •    Avoid towing your trailer in crosswind weather, but if you have to, drive at a low speed. •    Install a friction sway device that increases the trailer and towing vehicle’s resistance to swaying caused by the wind and sharp turns. Trailer swaying can result in severe injuries and destruction of property. Observe these safety tips to prevent such incidences and have a peace of mind as you tow your...

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How to Prepare for Tow

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Being stranded in your vehicle or broken down on a busy roadway is not ideal, but it is often unavoidable. You can never be sure when something will unexpectedly malfunction within your vehicle, leaving you broken down with no option but towing. Towing is the solution when your car will not operate and is the only way to get your vehicle to your mechanic when it won’t start or is inoperable. Calling a towing service is straight forward, but there are a few tips that you need to follow that will ensure safety while you are waiting for the tow service to arrive. This means that you need to be informed and prepared in advance of requiring a tow. Emergency Flashers Your emergency flashers are designed to notify other drivers that you are dealing with an issue involving your vehicle. This means that when you notice that your car is not operating correctly or once you have pulled it to the side of the road, you need to turn your flashers on. This is true for both the day and night. Your emergency flashers will also be a good indicator for the towing service when they are looking for your vehicle on the roadway. You should always leave your emergency flashers on until the towing service arrives. Right Side It is always suggested that you make every effort to move your vehicle to the right side of the roadway when possible. If you are on the left side when your car becomes inoperable, just be sure to get as far out of traffic as possible. You should never allow your vehicle to sit in traffic in the stopped position. This is extremely dangerous for you and other drivers on the roadway. Even when you have pulled your vehicle to the side of the road on the right side, you should still exit your vehicle while waiting for the towing service to arrive. Make sure that you are out of the way of your vehicle in case it is hit by another vehicle. Be Aware of Tools If you are dealing with a tire that needs changed, it is important that you are aware o all tools within your vehicle. Some cars require a specific key tool that needs to be used on the tire. You need to know here this is located and be able to inform the person that arrives to offer roadside assistance. You might not know how to repair your vehicle, but you need to know where your spare tire is located and what tools you have on...

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Different Types of Equipment You Would Need for Towing Services

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Running out of gas or unexpected vehicle breakdowns are situations motorists have to contend with. As long as motorists own vehicles, there is a chance they will require towing services, such as Lightning Towing at one point or another. That is why starting your own business offering towing services could be a lucrative venture. Before you embark on this endeavour, you should know the basic equipment that you would need. Generally, there are five main components that any towing service worth its salt will have on board. The Boom A boom is not designed specifically for the towing industry, as there are numerous other applications in which it can come in handy. Nevertheless, it still makes up an integral component when it comes to towing services. The boom is what is used in the recovery of vehicles that may have gone off the road and gotten stuck in a ditch, a crater, a cesspool and more. It comprises of pulleys that make it easier for the towing company to pull the vehicle out of wherever it is stuck in. Wheel lifts In years past, hook and chains were the main equipment used to lift vehicles by the wheel. However, with technological advancements, these have now evolved to metal yokes for easier access. The yokes are positioned under the wheels of the car in tandem with a hydraulic lift. Thus, the name wheel lifts as they yokes then lift the vehicle easily. Belt lifts This type of equipment comprises of looped chains that are used by the towing services to pull the car the belt lifts are attached to the bumper of the vehicle and the axle of the tow truck. This then makes it easy for the car to be pulled away. One thing to note though, only opt for belt lifts if you have a steel bumper as they could cause scratches on other materials. Alternatively, you could forego the use of belt lifts and opt for the wheel lifts instead. The slide This flat surface is situated at the back of the truck being used to tow the vehicle. A hydraulic system is incorporated into the slide to allow it to be lowered to the ground level. Thus allowing the easy towing of the out of commission vehicle by use of a winch. Quick pick This is a combination of a wheel lift and a boom. It is the most convenient option as it can be used to tow both heavy duty trucks as well as light saloon cars. Having this for your business gives you the advantage of being able to cater to both big trucks as well as smaller...

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3 Services Offered by a Tilt Tray Recovery Company

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If you own a business that deals with trucks and heavy machinery, you will likely need to contract with a tilt tray recovery company. Tilt trays are massive towing trucks with carriage trays whose tail end can lower flush to the ground, then lift up again so that it’s parallel to the ground. Tilt tray recovery companies are professionals who specialise in a number of different commercial services such as heavy towing, off road recovery and heavy hauling. Here are just a few of the services they could offer you. Heavy Towing Tilt tray recovery companies can offer you heavy towing services, for your transport trucks, heavy machinery or heavy equipment that has broken down. Typically, these companies have a range of light, medium and heavy-duty tow trucks, as well as super-sized or mega tow trucks to handle vehicles such as eighteen wheelers, buses and deluxe motorhomes. Heavy towing requires the use of winches, hooks, tie downs, recovery straps and chain attachments. Off-Road Recovery  In the towing industry, off-road refers to any vehicle that needs to be pulled from a locale that isn’t a designated roadway, street or public thoroughfare, Tilt tray recovery companies can recover vehicles from diverse locations such as beaches, cliff-sides, hills, mountains, mud bogs, forests and woods. In many cases off-road recovery involves vehicles that have completely overturned, or are lying on their side, which complicates the job, because overturned vehicles often begin to leak petrol, which can become a hazard. For recovery in narrow or tight spaces, tilt tray recovery companies utilise smaller excavators operating on tracks that can fit into small areas and maintain a firm grip on the terrain. Cables and extension cranes are required for recovery of a vehicle in a crevice or at the bottom of a valley. Heavy Hauling  If you need heavy equipment hauled from one place to another, a tilt tray recovery company can provide you with tilt trays, super tilt trays or low loaders to transport your machinery. Typically, construction companies make use of heavy hauling when they are beginning or ending a job, or when they need big equipment moved from one construction site to another. These companies also have hauling capabilities for earth moving equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, excavators, loaders, graders, dump trucks, crawlers and skid steers. Tilt tray recovery companies can also transport loaded containers that need to be kept level to ensure that the contents do not...

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3 Tips to Help Your Towing Company Get Favorable Insurance Rates

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Insurance is very important to any towing business because its workers, tow trucks and customers’ cars need to be covered against different risks that can occur. However, insurance premiums can be very high if you do not take steps to ensure that the insurance company looks at your company as a low risk client. This article discusses some steps you can take in order to be assessed favorably. Keep Your Fleet in Excellent Condition Impressions matter so you should do everything in your power to give insurance agents a good impression when they visit your establishment. You can do this by keeping your tow trucks clean both inside and outside, as well as maintaining them as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. This effort will be rewarded when the agents file a favorable report, resulting in a lower premium for you. Pay for Multi-year Insurance Cover Many insurance companies are willing to offer generous discounts to tow companies that commit themselves to buying insurance from them for several years. Talk to your insurance agent about this policy and find out how much the company can waive if you make a decision to buy multi-year cover for your tow trucks. The money you save when you get that discount can boost your profits since you will have reduced your expenses. Institute a Safety Program The towing industry is fraught with so many hazards such as the risk of injury when a wire rope gives way and lashes out at a nearby tow truck worker. Such risks cost you money in the form of deductibles or higher insurance premiums when you keep filing claims. It is therefore in your best interest to institute a safety program so that you keep training or testing your employees on various safety aspects associated with their daily work. For instance, you can test them on how they can safety tow a car from a busy highway where parking space is limited on the side of the road. Such tests will hone their skills in working in such risky environments so they will be better prepared to avoid accidents. Keep the test results on file so that the insurance company can confirm that you have the safety program in place. You stand a high chance of paying lower premiums if you implement a safety program. Your towing service company will thrive because of getting adequate insurance cover at affordable premiums if you implement the tips...

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4 Things You’ll Get With a Roadside Service Program

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If your car breaks down on the highway in the middle of the night, forcing you to call a tow-truck to get you somewhere safe, you will pay a huge price for that service. But if you’re part of a roadside service program, you may not have to pay anything at all, depending on the kind of benefits you have. Here are some of the reasons to consider enrolling in one of these car service programs. Flat Tire Service  If your car tire blows out, a roadside service program will send a technician out to where your car is stalled. They will either apply an emergency seal over the hole in your tire or replace the tire with your spare and follow you to the nearest service station. Flat tires are among the most common car issues that strands motorists, so having the protection of roadside service is important, especially if you don’t happen to have a spare tire in your boot. Battery Service   When your battery dies or is undercharged, which means it can’t keep your engine sparked, a roadside service program like Dyno Tow can dispatch an auto mechanic to your aid. The mechanic will bring a device that measures the electrical charge in your battery, to determine if he can charge the battery, or if it’s dead. If the battery can be charged, the mechanic will provide that charge and follow your vehicle to the nearest service station. If the battery is dead, he will load your car onto his tow truck and transport it and you to an auto garage. Fuel Service  Running out of petrol, happens more often than you think, especially if you’re one of those drivers who believes in the myth of a ‘reserve tank,’ so you ignore the flashing ‘low fuel’ sign for kilometres. With roadside service, someone will drive to your location with a litre of petrol to fill your tank, which should be enough to get you to the nearest gas station. In some instances, the roadside service technician can bring more than a litre if you have a truck or SUV with a large tank, but you may have to pay an additional fee if you require more than a litre of petrol to get your vehicle started again. Locksmith Service  If you lock yourself out of your vehicle, your roadside service program can send a locksmith out to your location to get you back into your car. Auto locksmiths are experts at manipulating locks for entry. They can also make new keys on-site, if your car key has snapped off inside the lock of your...

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3 Services Offered by a Machine Towing Company

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When you own a construction company, or you own a transport trucking company, you may need to on occasion, transport your heavy equipment from one location to another, or have your trucks rescued from a rollover or accident. To do this, you must contract with a towing and transport company that specialises in this kind of work. If this is your first experience with this kind of company, here are the services that they can offer you. Machinery Towing and Transport — A machine towing company will offer you the ability to tow and transport a number of heavy equipment from one place to another. The type of machines that these companies can tow include, elevated work platforms, lifting platforms, booms, man lifts and forklifts. There’s almost no piece of machinery involved in construction that a machine towing company can’t handle. In addition to towing machines that are broken down and in need of a visit to the repair shop, these towing companies can also transport working machinery from one project site to another, or from one Territory to another. Machine towing companies use super trailers to haul heavy machinery. Accident Towing If your construction machines such as a tractor or excavator is involved in a work site accident, a machine towing company can either transport the vehicle to a heavy machinery garage for repair, or take the machine to a salvage yard if your insurance company declares the machinery a total loss. Construction site accidents happen all the time, and they can delay the efficiency of your work process, which makes it important to have a reliable machine towing company that can get the job done in a quick and safe manner. One of the most common construction site accidents occurs when a piece of machinery overturns or rolls over. Nearly all machine towing companies have a 24-hour mobile unit that can respond to emergencies at all times of the day, and dispatch a service trailer to the location of an accident or rollover. Repair Services Many machine towing companies also double as repair shops, offering mechanics skilled in heavy machinery and heavy equipment. These are full service repair shops with computer diagnostics and an inventory of parts for heavy machinery that makes it easy for the mechanics to get your machine back up and running in a short period of time. Common repairs include welding, steel fabrication and motor...

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