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3 Services Offered by a Machine Towing Company

When you own a construction company, or you own a transport trucking company, you may need to on occasion, transport your heavy equipment from one location to another, or have your trucks rescued from a rollover or accident. To do this, you must contract with a towing and transport company that specialises in this kind of work. If this is your first experience with this kind of company, here are the services that they can offer you.

Machinery Towing and Transport -- A machine towing company will offer you the ability to tow and transport a number of heavy equipment from one place to another. The type of machines that these companies can tow include, elevated work platforms, lifting platforms, booms, man lifts and forklifts. There's almost no piece of machinery involved in construction that a machine towing company can't handle.

In addition to towing machines that are broken down and in need of a visit to the repair shop, these towing companies can also transport working machinery from one project site to another, or from one Territory to another. Machine towing companies use super trailers to haul heavy machinery.

Accident Towing

If your construction machines such as a tractor or excavator is involved in a work site accident, a machine towing company can either transport the vehicle to a heavy machinery garage for repair, or take the machine to a salvage yard if your insurance company declares the machinery a total loss.

Construction site accidents happen all the time, and they can delay the efficiency of your work process, which makes it important to have a reliable machine towing company that can get the job done in a quick and safe manner. One of the most common construction site accidents occurs when a piece of machinery overturns or rolls over. Nearly all machine towing companies have a 24-hour mobile unit that can respond to emergencies at all times of the day, and dispatch a service trailer to the location of an accident or rollover.

Repair Services

Many machine towing companies also double as repair shops, offering mechanics skilled in heavy machinery and heavy equipment. These are full service repair shops with computer diagnostics and an inventory of parts for heavy machinery that makes it easy for the mechanics to get your machine back up and running in a short period of time. Common repairs include welding, steel fabrication and motor regeneration.