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3 Services Offered by a Tilt Tray Recovery Company

If you own a business that deals with trucks and heavy machinery, you will likely need to contract with a tilt tray recovery company. Tilt trays are massive towing trucks with carriage trays whose tail end can lower flush to the ground, then lift up again so that it's parallel to the ground.

Tilt tray recovery companies are professionals who specialise in a number of different commercial services such as heavy towing, off road recovery and heavy hauling. Here are just a few of the services they could offer you.

Heavy Towing

Tilt tray recovery companies can offer you heavy towing services, for your transport trucks, heavy machinery or heavy equipment that has broken down. Typically, these companies have a range of light, medium and heavy-duty tow trucks, as well as super-sized or mega tow trucks to handle vehicles such as eighteen wheelers, buses and deluxe motorhomes. Heavy towing requires the use of winches, hooks, tie downs, recovery straps and chain attachments.

Off-Road Recovery 

In the towing industry, off-road refers to any vehicle that needs to be pulled from a locale that isn't a designated roadway, street or public thoroughfare, Tilt tray recovery companies can recover vehicles from diverse locations such as beaches, cliff-sides, hills, mountains, mud bogs, forests and woods.

In many cases off-road recovery involves vehicles that have completely overturned, or are lying on their side, which complicates the job, because overturned vehicles often begin to leak petrol, which can become a hazard. For recovery in narrow or tight spaces, tilt tray recovery companies utilise smaller excavators operating on tracks that can fit into small areas and maintain a firm grip on the terrain. Cables and extension cranes are required for recovery of a vehicle in a crevice or at the bottom of a valley.

Heavy Hauling 

If you need heavy equipment hauled from one place to another, a tilt tray recovery company can provide you with tilt trays, super tilt trays or low loaders to transport your machinery. Typically, construction companies make use of heavy hauling when they are beginning or ending a job, or when they need big equipment moved from one construction site to another.

These companies also have hauling capabilities for earth moving equipment such as bulldozers, cranes, excavators, loaders, graders, dump trucks, crawlers and skid steers. Tilt tray recovery companies can also transport loaded containers that need to be kept level to ensure that the contents do not shift.