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Different Types of Equipment You Would Need for Towing Services

Running out of gas or unexpected vehicle breakdowns are situations motorists have to contend with. As long as motorists own vehicles, there is a chance they will require towing services, such as Lightning Towing at one point or another. That is why starting your own business offering towing services could be a lucrative venture. Before you embark on this endeavour, you should know the basic equipment that you would need. Generally, there are five main components that any towing service worth its salt will have on board.

The Boom

A boom is not designed specifically for the towing industry, as there are numerous other applications in which it can come in handy. Nevertheless, it still makes up an integral component when it comes to towing services. The boom is what is used in the recovery of vehicles that may have gone off the road and gotten stuck in a ditch, a crater, a cesspool and more. It comprises of pulleys that make it easier for the towing company to pull the vehicle out of wherever it is stuck in.

Wheel lifts

In years past, hook and chains were the main equipment used to lift vehicles by the wheel. However, with technological advancements, these have now evolved to metal yokes for easier access. The yokes are positioned under the wheels of the car in tandem with a hydraulic lift. Thus, the name wheel lifts as they yokes then lift the vehicle easily.

Belt lifts

This type of equipment comprises of looped chains that are used by the towing services to pull the car the belt lifts are attached to the bumper of the vehicle and the axle of the tow truck. This then makes it easy for the car to be pulled away. One thing to note though, only opt for belt lifts if you have a steel bumper as they could cause scratches on other materials. Alternatively, you could forego the use of belt lifts and opt for the wheel lifts instead.

The slide

This flat surface is situated at the back of the truck being used to tow the vehicle. A hydraulic system is incorporated into the slide to allow it to be lowered to the ground level. Thus allowing the easy towing of the out of commission vehicle by use of a winch.

Quick pick

This is a combination of a wheel lift and a boom. It is the most convenient option as it can be used to tow both heavy duty trucks as well as light saloon cars. Having this for your business gives you the advantage of being able to cater to both big trucks as well as smaller cars.