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How to Prepare for Tow

Being stranded in your vehicle or broken down on a busy roadway is not ideal, but it is often unavoidable. You can never be sure when something will unexpectedly malfunction within your vehicle, leaving you broken down with no option but towing. Towing is the solution when your car will not operate and is the only way to get your vehicle to your mechanic when it won't start or is inoperable. Calling a towing service is straight forward, but there are a few tips that you need to follow that will ensure safety while you are waiting for the tow service to arrive. This means that you need to be informed and prepared in advance of requiring a tow.

Emergency Flashers

Your emergency flashers are designed to notify other drivers that you are dealing with an issue involving your vehicle. This means that when you notice that your car is not operating correctly or once you have pulled it to the side of the road, you need to turn your flashers on. This is true for both the day and night. Your emergency flashers will also be a good indicator for the towing service when they are looking for your vehicle on the roadway. You should always leave your emergency flashers on until the towing service arrives.

Right Side

It is always suggested that you make every effort to move your vehicle to the right side of the roadway when possible. If you are on the left side when your car becomes inoperable, just be sure to get as far out of traffic as possible. You should never allow your vehicle to sit in traffic in the stopped position. This is extremely dangerous for you and other drivers on the roadway. Even when you have pulled your vehicle to the side of the road on the right side, you should still exit your vehicle while waiting for the towing service to arrive. Make sure that you are out of the way of your vehicle in case it is hit by another vehicle.

Be Aware of Tools

If you are dealing with a tire that needs changed, it is important that you are aware o all tools within your vehicle. Some cars require a specific key tool that needs to be used on the tire. You need to know here this is located and be able to inform the person that arrives to offer roadside assistance. You might not know how to repair your vehicle, but you need to know where your spare tire is located and what tools you have on hand.