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What You Should Know about Your Roadside Insurance and Calling a Tow Truck

When you need to call a tow truck, you probably go straight to your roadside assistance insurance and have them handle everything. The shock may come when you get an actual bill for that assistance. You can prepare for this in the future, by knowing a few key points about your roadside assistance insurance and what calling a tow truck will mean for you and your bank account.

Mileage Limitations

The first thing to know is that most roadside assistance services for tow trucks tend to have a mileage limitation of some kind. This means that the first certain amount of miles are covered by your insurance, and beyond that mileage point you will have to pay out of pocket. This may not be a bad thing if your car breaks down in the city or in a heavy metro area. However, if you are out in a rural area and it breaks down, you could be looking at a hefty fee. Also, your insurance will not know how much the pay per mile fee is for the two truck. You will have to contact the tow truck company to find out. So, if your roadside insurance calls the tow truck for you, you could end up with a higher mileage rate depending on who they choose.

Certificate Limitations

One of the things to consider with your roadside assistance insurance is the certificate they use. What this means is that they may only cover tow trucks that carry their certification seal. If the truck is not part of their network, then they may only cover a portion or nothing at all. This is a vital consideration if you are in a rural area where tow trucks are limited and certifications may not be as easy to come by. When you settle on your roadside assistance option, check for tow trucks in your area that actually are part of their certification network. If there are not many or any, you may want to reconsider.

Additional Limitations

There are some additional limitations that may come with your roadside assistance insurance which may limit the types of tow truck companies you can use. For example, there may be a fee for loading your vehicle onto the truck. Depending on the company, this fee may be free if a certain amount of miles are paid for, or it may be a sizeable amount. You also have fees that include tows over a hundred miles or tows that are outside of normal operating limits. Also, if you have to ride in the tow truck to the garage, you may have even more fees for passenger inclusions. Also, consider if the tow truck company has its own garage. If not, you may have an additional fee from the garage for car storage if they are closed.

All of these topics should be considered when you purchase roadside assistance insurance for your tow truck needs.