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Towing Services: Comparing the Truck Options

If you require towing services for your vehicle, there are different factors that you must evaluate before official hire. This will help you ensure that your automobile is safely and efficiently moved to your property or the garage. One of the essential considerations is the type of towing truck utilised in moving your car. This choice will determine the cost of the service and even the risk of your vehicle sustaining damage during the haulage process. Here is a short comparison of the primary towing truck options for your damaged vehicle.

Flatbed Towing Truck

The flatbed towing truck is the most secure option for transporting your vehicle. In simple terms, this haulage configuration will cause minimal damage to the auto body. As implied, this truck consists of a flat surface on which the vehicle can be positioned and carried. Typically, the bed is lowered to the ground level using hydraulic systems. The damaged vehicle can then be driven or pulled onto the tow truck for easy transportation. This method can be utilised on most automobiles, including SUVs, sports cars and other medium and light duty vehicles. The only drawback of choosing the flatbed is the relatively high service cost.

Hook and Chain Truck

The most inexpensive towing vehicle to consider is the hook and chain truck. As suggested by the name, this is a truck with a hook and chain module to support the pertinent damaged car. Basically, the hook is attached to the front end of the car. When secured, the chain connecting the hook to the tow truck hoists the car such that only the rear wheels remain on the ground. The vehicle is pulled like this to the desired location.

This towing method is no longer considered favourable because it poses significant risk to the vehicle. The hook will stress the front parts of the vehicle and the painted surfaces will most likely sustain scratches as the vehicle is dragged. Still, most towing services have this type of truck, so you should consider this method if the car is already severely damaged.

Wheel Lift Towing Vehicle

The wheel lift truck provides a good balance between safety and the service costs. This type of towing vehicle is made with the same concept as the hook and chain alternative. However, the wheel lift has a yoke which is fitted around the front or rear of the vehicle. The yoke cradles the wheels and hoists the vehicle, leaving two wheels on the ground. Consequently, the structural strain and subsequent damage is minimised. 

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