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Safety tips when waiting for an emergency towing service

When your car accidentally breaks down in the middle of nowhere or at night, you call for an emergency towing service. While having a roadside assistance plan is crucial, you need to ensure that you are safe as you wait for the towing service. Some tips to stay safe as you wait for an emergency towing service include:

Hazard lights

If your car breaks down in the middle of the road, the first thing you should do is turn on the hazard lights. The hazard lights alert other drivers that your car is stationary, especially on a dimly lit road. Vehicle owners with emergency kits should set up cones or flares to enhance visibility. This prevents any accidents after your car breaks down. It also makes it easy for the tow truck to identify your vehicle.

Stay in your car

After turning on the hazard lights and setting up cones, you should lock yourself in your vehicle with your seatbelt. You should only lock yourself in your car if you manage to park it by the side of the road. You should not stand in front of or behind the vehicle as there is a risk of another driver sideswiping your vehicle. Other times, however, you may feel safer getting out of the car if it is smoking or broken down in the middle of the road. You should, however, distance yourself from the car as you wait for the towing company.

Do not accept rides from strangers

As little children are taught never to take rides from strangers, you should heed the same advice. Never put yourself in a dangerous situation by speaking or accepting rides from passing motorists. Some motorists may be good Samaritans who genuinely want to help, but there is no way to tell. If anyone stops, inform them that an emergency towing service is on its way and you need no further assistance.

Ask for identification information

After calling for emergency service, you should not accept help from any tow truck. The towing company will give you the driver's names and vehicle registration number, which you should countercheck. This information is essential as it ensures the driver who assists you is the right driver. Some criminals may try to take advantage of and extort your money. A reputable driver will show you their identification information for verification without being vague or fussy.

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