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Two good reasons to sign up for a roadside assistance program

Whilst every vehicle owner can benefit from belonging to a roadside assistance program, here are two specific reasons why it might be worth signing up for one.

You strong suspect you would struggle to handle common breakdown scenarios

If you're not confident that you would be able to handle a common breakdown scenario (such as a flat tyre leaving you stranded), then you should arrange to become a member of a roadside assistance program.

For example, if you understand the theory behind changing a flat tyre or fixing a flat battery, but you know that if you were presented with these tasks whilst travelling alone in a challenging or unsafe environment, you'd feel too panicky to focus and recall the required steps, then being part of this type of program could be very helpful. The only thing you'd have to do is make a phone call, after which the roadside assistance company would send an employee to do the repairs to your car or to use a tow truck to take the vehicle to a mechanic's premises. Knowing that you won't have to perform car repairs in a potentially unsafe spot by yourself could make your future travels in your car less worrying.

Your car is old

If your car is old, then being a member of this type of program could be invaluable. The reason for this is that as a result of its age, your vehicle may break down more often than a newer one, due to the deterioration of its many components. For example, if your car's radiator is 10 years old, there's a much greater chance that it will leak and that the engine will then overheat whilst you're driving and bring your vehicle to a standstill. Likewise, if the car's wheels are 15 years old, they're more likely to crack during a journey.

Whilst you might not mind handling a time-consuming and hard-to-resolve breakdown once in a while, you might it too stressful and difficult to deal with these types of problems on a regular or semi-regular basis. If you cannot afford to replace your old car, then the next best thing is to ensure you belong to a roadside assistance program that can send someone to rescue you and repair or tow your vehicle whenever another part of the car develops a new fault. This will mean that when these inevitable breakdowns happen, they'll be resolved in no time, with a minimal amount of fuss.