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Benefits Of Tow Trucks With Side Mounted Mechanism

Towing companies need to invest in the right towing trucks based on their unique needs. For example, you need a side tow truck if your jurisdiction is restricted within city boundaries. Unlike traditional tow trucks, a side tow truck lifts the vehicle to be towed from the side rather than the front. This article highlights the reasons side tow trucks are ideal for city towing.

Require Limited Space

One significant problem that tow truck operators face when working in crowded cities is insufficient space. Traditional models, such as the flatbed, wheel lift, and hook and chain tow trucks, need substantial space to hook a vehicle and tow it away. Thus, tow operators tend to spend a long time trying to retrieve cars in tight spots, such as vehicles parked parallel to the curb. Hooking and towing a car in such a position would mean creating space in front or behind to allow a tow truck and the vehicle in question to turn easily. Tow trucks with a side lifting crane make towing within tight city spaces a breeze. The horizontal and vertical retractable forklift arms can pick a vehicle in a tight spot and place it on the truck in a few minutes.

Reduces Traffic

Towing broken-down vehicles is not easy, especially in areas where tow truck operators must contend with narrow streets and many cars. Such conditions are perfect for snarl-ups and a source of frustration to other motorists. Traffic jams caused by towing services depend on the time it takes an operator to hook a vehicle to a tow truck. In some other cases, successful towing depends on external factors such as the transmission type of the car being towed. Tow trucks with a side lifting mechanism reduce traffic snarl-ups significantly because of their simplicity. All controls happen in a truck's cabin, and an operator only needs to align the retractable forklift arms with car tyres.

Protects Vehicle Chassis

Traditional tow trucks require that an operator secures the chassis using a chain. Other tow truck models hook the front or rear tyres and pull the vehicle. Both towing techniques put undue stress on the chassis and risk weakening a car frame in case of poor towing skills. However, a side-mounted tow truck lift mechanism protects a vehicle's chassis. Notably, a truck operator anchors car tyres to the retractable forklift arms, which prevents chassis damage during loading, transport and offloading. The unique towing mechanism also prevents damage to closely parked vehicles.